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Caregiving & Alzheimer’s: A daughter’s story.

Kathleen F. of Guelph, Ontario, was 20 when she learned that her mother, Moira, had early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Moira was just 51 at the time. Her symptoms were subtle at first. There were instances of forgetfulness, but they were explained away as the by-products of a hectic lifestyle.[...]

May is a month to celebrate – and to give thanks.

Spring is the season we all associate with starting anew. Yet, when it comes to helping save Canadian lives, I want to assure you that the MedicAlert team is busy all four seasons ...not to mention every minute of every day![...]

A new way to help protect Canadians with autism

Autism isn’t always easily recognizable to those who don’t know the signs and this can make those on the spectrum particularly vulnerable in an emergency. That’s why MedicAlert has partnered with Autism Canada to create a program designed specifically to support Canadians on the autism spectrum and provide peace of mind to their families and caregivers.[...]

Allergies are not optional. Learn why food allergy awareness is so important for everyone to understand.

With 1-in-13 people in Canada living with one or more food allergies, you, or someone you know is likely among them.[...]

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