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Ottawa Paramedic Receives 2012 Legends of the Call Award

MedicAlert and the Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada (EMSCC) recognize Robert Wilson for his dedication to exceeding expectations and saving lives.

An Ottawa paramedic is being recognized by the MedicAlert Foundation Canada and the EMSCC as the recipient of this year’s Legends of the Call Award.  The award distinguishes paramedics that go above and beyond the call of duty and follow MedicAlert’s Look, Read, Call procedure:

Look: to see if a patient is wearing a MedicAlert ID.

Read: the engraving on the back of the MedicAlert ID to learn vital information about the patient’s allergies and medical conditions or special needs/requests.

Call: the unique MedicAlert 24/7 emergency hotline to reach a live MedicAlert agent for the patient-provided full medical history.

Robert Wilson and his partner Jill deBoer responded to a call at a fitness center to find a MedicAlert member who had experienced an epileptic seizure.  The patient’s confused state left them apprehensive about whether the information he was providing was accurate and up-to-date.  Wilson followed MedicAlert’s Look, Read, Call procedure was able to determine details of the member’s medical history and emergency contact information.

“We’d like to thank the Ottawa Paramedic Services for their ongoing dedication and support to MedicAlert and its members,” says MedicAlert president and CEO, Robert Ridge.  “Their consistent commitment to the Look, Read, Call procedure is a testament to the fact that collaboration between MedicAlert and ER professionals can provide Canadians with faster, better care during emergencies.”

“When paramedics arrive at an emergency, they often only have a few seconds to gather information before making a call on how to proceed,” adds EMSCC President Michael Nolan.  “MedicAlert provides instant access to critical information which is why we encourage paramedics to follow Look, Read, Call protocol during every emergency.  We salute Robert Wilson for effectively using MedicAlert to help save a life.”

“Paramedic Robert Wilson is an example of the dedicated men and women that serve our Nation’s Capital every day,” says Anthony Di Monte, Chief, Ottawa Paramedic Service. “I am extremely proud of Robert and all our staff that utilize MedicAlert’s Look, Read, Call procedure on a regular basis.”

About the MedicAlert Foundation Canada

MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada. It is the leading provider of emergency medical information services. More than one million Canadians have been protected  by their services. For over 50 years, its mission is to protect Canadians and save lives. 

While there are a number of medical ID devices on the market, only MedicAlert is supported by a unique 24/7 emergency hotline service staffed with medical professionals ready to provide information and recognize conflicting treatments and medications that could put your care at risk.

The Foundation’s services include electronic health records, a state-of-the-art secure database, a 24-hour emergency hotline for EMS personnel and customized identification products.  Learn more about MedicAlert, how it works and how you or a loved one can become a member at or by calling 1-866-679-3166.

About the EMSCC

The Emergency Medical Service Chiefs of Canada (EMSCC) was incorporated in 2002 as a national forum for information gathering, policy development, and coordinated action by the leaders of Canada’s EMS systems.  Its membership consists of a variety of EMS systems across the country.  The EMSCC Board of Directors includes Chiefs/Directors representing EMS from the east to the west coast.


The EMS Chiefs of Canada are committed to advancing and aligning EMS Leadership across the country.  For additional information, please visit