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Canadian Diabetes Association and MedicAlert® Foundation Canada partner to protect people with diabetes

A new partnership between MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) means that Canadians living with diabetes will benefit from a special offer on their MedicAlert bracelets.

Rick Blickstead, President & CEO, Canadian Diabetes Association (L) and Robert Ridge, President & CEO, MedicAlert Foundation Canada

The first to benefit from this partnership are the 1,600 youth attending the CDA’s national D- Camps program, launching on June 29. Over the course of the summer, campers who enroll will receive a free $39 Urban Link MedicAlert bracelet designed for this audience, or this amount applied to a bracelet of greater value.
In addition, the more than three million Canadians living with diabetes who become new MedicAlert members through this partnership by June 30, 2015, will receive a free $39 bracelet or this amount applied to a bracelet/ID of greater value.
MAFCA is generously donating $10 to the CDA for each new member who joins through either offer.
CDA’s D-Camps are the only ones offered across Canada (with the exception of Quebec) for children living with type 1 diabetes. Each year, the 12 camps provide a unique experience for children aged seven to 15 living with type 1 diabetes. Along with a fun experience, the campers learn to be independent in managing their diabetes with the support of a professional medical team. New this year is the launch of Camp Huronda – York University Diabetes Sports Day Camp.
20140627_111605.jpgEllie Eplett, 13, who has gone to D-Camps for three years, summarizes her experience: “D-Camp is the best part of summer. I  love going because it gives me the chance to relax and be carefree, knowing my diabetes isn’t going to get in the way of anything I want to do and knowing that my diabetes is being well taken care of. It's a chance to meet other kids with type one diabetes, just like me! I have made lifelong friendships and countless memories.”
Camille Lisser, 11, is going to her fourth D-Camp this summer. She appreciates being well looked after: “The nurses are so caring. Once I had low blood sugar at night and the nurse came to walk me to the Insul-Inn (on-site clinic). It was a very cold night and they wrapped my friend and me in a blanket. Then they walked us back when we were done. I knew I was in good hands.”
Camille’s father, Jim Lisser, says: “We are thrilled that Camille enjoys D-Camp so much as well as the independence it allows her. Being with other kids with type 1 diabetes is also great experience for her.”
Robert Ridge, MAFCA CEO and President, says: “Our partnership with CDA will help more Canadians living with diabetes benefit from the protection and peace of mind MedicAlert provides. As it does for over a quarter of MedicAlert members here in Canada who have this
condition, MedicAlert can speak for them in medical emergencies when they cannot.”
Rick Blickstead, CDA President and CEO, says: “This partnership is one more way for us to help
Canadians living with diabetes. This is a challenging disease to manage every single day. Making information available to health care professionals who treat people with diabetes in an
emergency is a life-saving service.”
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