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Making the right call: Toronto police constable named Legend of the Call award winner

Toronto, ON (May 2017) – MedicAlert Foundation Canada is proud to announce that Constable Christine Trotter of Toronto Police Division 11 will be recognized with the 2017 Legends of the Call – Law Enforcement award. This distinction is presented annually to a police officer who follows the MedicAlert Look, Read, Call Procedure which is designed to protect and save the life of someone in need. Constable Trotter was selected from a group of law enforcement officers from across the country.

It was cold and chilly night in Toronto last October. Constable Christine Trotter and her partner, who she was helping to train, were on patrol. They had just pulled into a gas station when the constable noticed an argument taking place nearby.
A man was attempting to get into a taxi, despite the protests of the driver. The 15-year veteran approached the two men and was told by the taxi driver that the man couldn’t say where he needed to go. The man was acting oddly which prompted her to start chatting with him.
She noticed he was shivering with cold and clearly disoriented. He was unable to recall where he currently lived, only his previous addresses. As part of standard police procedure, she asked for his wallet, which is where she spotted his MedicAlert wallet card, with “Memory Loss” listed as his medical condition.
Constable Trotter immediately called MedicAlert to obtain more information. Upon speaking with a MedicAlert representative, the constable learned that the man’s name was Clifford and that he lived at an assisted living home in a neighbouring division.
“He was a very nice gentleman. He had gone downtown to do some shopping earlier that day and got confused. We got him some coffee, and then drove him home.” Before leaving, the constable and her partner ensured that Clifford had enough food in his fridge.
While it was her first time calling MedicAlert, the constable knows the medical ID service better than most.
As part of MedicAlert’s National Emergency Responders Education program, emergency first responders, like Constable Trotter, are trained with the Look-Read-Call protocol, to look for the genuine MedicAlert ID and wallet card when assisting a vulnerable individual.
Her experience with helping Clifford reinforced her training - and her belief that, if it doesn’t say MedicAlert, it isn’t MedicAlert.
“I couldn’t have done it without MedicAlert”, she now says. “Without that wallet card, we would have to take him to a hospital or put out an alert. MedicAlert helped us in bringing Clifford home safely.”
“This is why we’re here,” says Robert Ridge, President and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation Canada.
He adds, “We’re so grateful for Constable Trotter’s exemplary service. Her proactiveness, thoughtfulness and quick response makes her truly deserving of this award.”
Constable Christine Trotter will receive the Legend of the Call award at the Blue Line Gala on May 2nd at the International Centre in Mississauga. 

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