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MedicAlert Connect Protect service will help Ottawa Police officers reunite lost or wandering individuals with their families

Ottawa, Ontario, November 8, 2017 – MedicAlert is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) in a new initiative aimed at enhancing the safety of the most vulnerable in their community.

The MedicAlert Connect Protect service gives police officers 24-hour access to a registered subscriber’s photo, identity, past wandering history, and other vital emergency information through their MedicAlert medical IDs. MedicAlert has recently expanded its service to include those with autism and Alzheimer’s, as well as anyone who could benefit from having police know about a medical condition before they interact with officers.

“This new partnership will help to enhance the safety of our residents,” said OPS Chief Charles Bordeleau. “Those who register with the service will give police vital information about their medical conditions so that we can help them as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Members of the public and the media are invited to attend the launch on Tuesday, November 28, 2018.

WHERE: Carlingwood Mall: 2121 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON
WHEN: 2 p.m.

“We want to encourage people to come out and sign up, so we’re hosting an event at Carlingwood Mall with a special signup offer” said S/Sgt. Bernier. “Thanks to the OPS and MedicAlert Foundation Canada, the first 100 new MedicAlert subscribers will get their first year service plan and a MedicAlert ID at no cost.”

This information will help officers search more efficiently, increasing the chances that those who go missing are reunited with their loved ones sooner. Officers called to an emergency involving a MedicAlert subscriber will also have access to vital information which may be necessary to save a life.

“We really believe that having this extra information will increase both resident and officer safety, and ultimately save lives,” said OPS program coordinator Staff Sergeant Robert Bernier. “By having a current photo, family contact, or other relevant information, we can help the person who needs it most.”

It’s a service that has worked well with other police agencies. Most recently MedicAlert partnered with the Edmonton, Vancouver and Abbotsford Police, and has existing partnerships with Durham, Hamilton, and Owen Sound police services.

“It’s critical that we’re able to find and recognize wandering or unidentified people as quickly and efficiently as possible, both to protect our subscribers and also to save police resources,” explains Robert Ridge, President and CEO of MedicAlert. “MedicAlert Connect Protect will safeguard Ottawa MedicAlert subscribers through the valuable MedicAlert protection. In an emergency situation, Ottawa Police will have access to vital information that will save valuable time and unnecessary worry from family members and caregivers.”

For more information on the MedicAlert Connect Protect service, please visit or

About MedicAlert Foundation Canada
MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada and it is the leading provider of emergency medical information services. MedicAlert’s mission is to ensure that all Canadians have access to high-quality health information at time of need, and has protected more than one million Canadians since 1961.
MedicAlert® is backed by robust electronic health records maintained by medically trained professionals, a state-of-the-art secure database, and a 24/7 Emergency Hotline that answers calls from emergency responder personnel in 140 languages within an average of 5 seconds, all linked to customized identification products for Canadians with medical conditions and special needs. Universally recognized and respected, MedicAlert speaks for you, when you can’t™.
Learn more about MedicAlert, how it works, and how you or a loved one can sign up to a service plan by visiting or calling 1.888.769.5437.
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