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The right response at the right time. Winnipeg Paramedic wins 2016 MedicAlert Legends of the Call Award

Winnipeg, MB (June 2016) - MedicAlert Foundation Canada is proud to announce that Paramedic John Moore of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service will be awarded the Legends of the Call Award for 2016. Mr. Moore will be presented the award on June 1st at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada annual banquet in Saskatoon, SK.

Presented in partnership with the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, this annual distinction recognizes an emergency responder who uses the MedicAlert Look.Read.Call. Procedure, a training program exclusive to the foundation, to protect and save the life of someone in need.
In March of last year, Mr. Moore was called to a chaotic scene unfolding at one of the city’s university campuses. A young woman, in visible distress, was demonstrating grogginess and slurred speech. She seemed to have a severe headache. More challenging for Paramedic Moore and the firefighters at the scene, the woman was unable to answer any of their questions.
Based on her symptoms, Mr. Moore feared that she may have suffered a stroke. However, drawing on his Look.Read.Call. training, he identified the woman’s MedicAlert medical ID and immediately reassessed her condition. The medical information engraved on back of the ID, written to globally accepted standards, revealed that her slurred speech was in fact a result of hearing loss, and that the debilitating headache and grogginess from which she suffered were consistent with a history of migraines.
Mr. Moore then proceeded to call the MedicAlert 24/7 Emergency Hotline for more detailed medical information on his patient. This hotline, unique to the MedicAlert service, is answered within an average of five seconds. As a result of the call, Paramedic Moore was also able to rule out a brain bleed and anticoagulant medications -- both of which would have required a specific course of action that may have resulted in more harm than good.
Mr. Moore successfully treated his young patient, and she and her loved ones were reunited shortly after the incident.
In recalling the events of that day and the role MedicAlert played, the 10-year paramedic veteran says, “the MedicAlert service provides me clarity and a bigger picture in a scenario where there’s a lot of variables to contend with. When I called the 24/7 Emergency Hotline, the information was invaluable.”
Robert Ridge, President and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation Canada, sees his organization’s role as that of a facilitator to the country’s emergency responders. “Paramedics are so vital to the health and well-being of so many Canadians, every single day. Their importance cannot be underestimated. Knowing that we’ve helped a dedicated professional like Mr. Moore is truly gratifying for all of us.”
Now in its sixth year, MedicAlert's national education program continues to train emergency responders on the Look. Read. Call procedure and how to best use it in a crisis situation.. “Emergency responders know there’s a lot more to our service than the medical ID one wears. For instance, with the 24/7 Emergency Hotline, they can access a patient’s detailed medical history - that’s precisely the kind of information that a paramedic needs when every second counts.”

MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada. It is the leading provider of emergency medical information services. More than one million Canadians have been protected by their services. For over 50 years, its mission is to protect Canadians and save lives.

MedicAlert® is backed by robust electronic health records maintained by medically trained professionals, a state-of-the-art secure database, and a 24/7 Emergency Hotline that answers calls from EMS and first responder personnel in 140 languages within an average of 5 seconds, all linked to customized identification products for Canadians with medical conditions and special needs. Universally recognized and respected, MedicAlert speaks for you, when you can’t™.

Learn more about MedicAlert, how it works, and how you or a loved one can sign up to a service plan or by calling 1.800.668.1507.

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