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Budget 2021: Health care is back on the federal agenda!

MedicAlert Foundation Canada is pleased to see the focus on health as the primary emphasis of Budget 2021. Specifically, Budget 2021 made significant new investments to systemic infrastructure designed to support and protect Canada’s most vulnerable populations.

As one of the largest central repositories of health data in the country, MedicAlert, a registered charity that provides an individual’s health information to first responders when a person is in the midst of a health crisis, we are thrilled that the government is making a significant commitment to data infrastructure and data collection that will aid in evidence-based decision making and policy development.[...]

Why aren’t all Canadian pharmacists part of the COVID vaccine rollout plan?

Kudos to Alberta. They’ve got it right. Which is why it’s baffling to me that other provincial governments are waiting to give pharmacists the green light to administer COVID vaccines.
Or given the current COVID response and rollout – maybe it’s not so surprising.[...]

Learnings from the challenges of our COVID-19 vaccine rollout: It’s time to build a Canadian Vulnerable Persons Registry

Canada’s vaccine rollout has been a pendulum oscillating from one extreme to another – an exercise which has left Canadians feeling weighed down by a healthcare system that is less than the pride and joy we’ve touted it as for decades. With the country coming out of another lockdown after enduring a second wave of COVID-19, I’m left disappointed that our most vulnerable populations are still questioning as to when they’ll be vaccinated. How is this our reality? Our universal healthcare model isn’t universal. The vaccine rollout is a stark reminder that our system is tiered, outdated and mired by racial, economic, gender and age inequities. It’s a headshake and a growing example for other countries of what not to do in a pandemic. To say that Canada’s vaccine rollout has been suboptimal is an understatement.[...]

3 ways to beat the winter blues

A new year has arrived, the holidays are officially behind us and winter is in full swing. With containment in many parts of the country to control the pandemic, many people may face the winter blues. Whether it's feelings of sadness, fatigue, or loneliness, many people feel bad. In fact, about 1 in 4 Canadians suffer from some form of seasonal depression at this time of year. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to ease the winter gloom by improving your physical and mental health.[...]

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