Subscriber Statement

By subscribing to a Service Plan from MedicAlert® Foundation Canada ("MedicAlert") and agreeing to the terms of this Subscriber Statement, you agree to and shall become a Member of MedicAlert.

Your subscription and membership are conditional on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions (the "Subscriber Statement" or “Agreement”).

i acknowledge and agree that:
  • On my becoming a Member, MedicAlert will create and maintain an electronic subscriber profile ("Profile") containing personal, medical, and health information that I provide or arrange to have provided to MedicAlert (together my “Personal Information"), which Profile will be identified by my name and held at the MedicAlert data centre located in Toronto, Ontario, and will provide me with: i) a custom engraving on my MedicAlert Identification Product ("ID"); ii) the 24/7 MedicAlert Emergency Hotline service; iii) communications pertaining to MedicAlert; and iv) electronic access to my Profile (collectively the "Services").
  • MedicAlert will use and disclose my Personal Information, to emergency responders including; police, fire, ambulance, other health professionals and their representatives (collectively “Responders”), for the purpose of providing and administering the Services and/or resolving an emergent situation, and where necessary for these purposes, may transfer or otherwise allow access to my Personal Information to third party service providers retained by MedicAlert to assist it in administering or providing the Services, including a firm contracted by MedicAlert to provide MedicAlert Emergency Hotline Services. (This firm may be located in the United States of America).
  • I will advise MedicAlert promptly of any error, or change on my Profile, MedicAlert ID or wallet card, review and confirm my Profile information at least once per year and I recognize that this is a binding agreement between myself and MedicAlert and, unless I sign and submit a Service cancelation release form, I shall be responsible for all Service Plan fees that I owe under the Agreement. Further, if I submit a Service cancelation form, MedicAlert will remove all identifying Personal Information in my Profile, and cease providing me with the Services; and I will stop wearing my MedicAlert® ID.
  • MedicAlert and Responders may contact the emergency contacts, guardian and/or caregivers (collectively “Contacts”) that I have identified to obtain or disclose my Personal Information in circumstances which the Responders deem to be an emergency. An emergency may include wandering or lost persons as well as emergent situations where parties are involved, directly or indirectly, with Responders. An emergent situation may include, but is not limited to: i) incidents of violence or incidents involving the threat of violence; and ii) scenarios where urgent health or emergency care is required. In addition, in circumstances which are not emergencies, MedicAlert will discuss my Profile with my Contacts as necessary if: i) I have provided my consent or the Contacts are otherwise legally authorized to act on my behalf; and ii) the Contacts can authenticate themselves.
  • MedicAlert will not knowingly release my Personal Information for purposes other than those described in the Agreement or as stated in the MedicAlert Privacy Policy. For greater clarity this excludes investigative purposes (except as required or permitted by law).
  • Responders, MedicAlert, its officers, directors, employees and representatives, will not be liable for any consequences of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation, a) claims, actions, proceedings, damages and losses arising out of or in connection with any errors or omissions in my Personal Information (regardless of whether such information is provided by me or by a third party); or b) any service disruption as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), terrorist activities, failure of electricity, or disruption to telephone and/or cellular services or other variables that may be beyond MedicAlert’s control.
  • I agree that this Subscriber Statement may be changed or updated, periodically, and notification of changes will be provided by electronic means.
  • MedicAlert may aggregate my Personal Information with other health information, in a manner that does not identify me or any of my Contacts, and use the aggregate information for research projects or studies of interest.
  • If I am a participant in the MedicAlert Safely Home program, MedicAlert will also provide my demographic information to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, and the local/ provincial Alzheimer Society for the purpose of offering me access to support and education; unless I opt out by calling 1.855.581.3794.
  • If I am a subscriber to the GPS Guardian Connect integrated with MedicAlert (“GPS“) service, I understand that my subscription is also conditional upon my acceptance of the GPS terms of use as well as the Laipac End User Agreement provided by Laipac Technology Inc. I understand that my subscription to the GPS is also subject to the GPS Privacy Notice. I also understand that if I fail to pay fees associated with the GPS service, within 30 days from my expiry date, my GPS device will be deactivated and the service will be terminated; however, I understand that my MedicAlert subscription will continue and therefore I am still be obligated to pay for MedicAlert Services until I submit a Service cancellation request form.
  • By becoming a member of MedicAlert, I agree to receive periodic communication from MedicAlert related to Information and News, Service Administration, Service Support, Research and Service Continuity. Other communications will be based on the preferences indicated below. I may change my communication preferences at any time by calling 1.855.724.2499.

I UNDERSTAND that I may obtain a copy of the MedicAlert privacy policy, more information about MedicAlert privacy practices and information about accessing or correcting my Personal Information in my Profile on the MedicAlert Foundation Canada website at or by calling the MedicAlert Chief Privacy Officer at 1.866.679.3217.