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Reflect on your health using the ‘My MedicAlert app’

Often times we are busy dealing with our symptoms (i.e. joint pain) or our conditions (i.e. diabetes), however, do you ever take the time to reflect on how you feel about your overall quality of life?  It is important to make time for self-reflection to ensure you are making your health a priority.[...]

Margrett was born with no vision. Her MedicAlert bracelet is her lifeline.

Margrett is 49 years old and passionate about helping people living with disabilities to become more independent. She is a segment contributor on a radio show at AMI-Audio, (, she is also a survey administrator at BALANCE for Blind Adults, once owned a pet supply business, been a presenter for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). She is committed to sharing the resources available for people with different needs.[...]

Welcome to the MedicAlert Connect Protect family!

When we first introduced the MedicAlert Connect Protect service two years ago, we set a goal to introduce this life-saving service to every Canadian community that needs it.[...]

Research based benefits of music for walking

When you’re walking and you hear a catchy song, does the music encourage you to step up the pace so that you’re moving in time to the beat? If so, that’s good! Walking speed reveals a lot about your overall health and energy and is a good predictor of how well and how long you may live.[...]

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