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Thank you for your support

A generous donation from the estate of Ms. Barbara Mount is helping us provide a lifeline to those  who need Canada’s most trusted medical ID.[...]

Len lives with multiple health conditions. When he travels, he trusts MedicAlert to help him overcome language barriers.

A few years ago, Len had a frightening experience while vacationing in Mexico. He became very ill and spent the entire holiday in a wheelchair.  Unable to speak the language, he decided not to see a doctor. He lives with a life-threatening allergy to a common ingredient found in prescription and over-the counter pain relievers and couldn’t easily communicate that to foreign medical staff.[...]

Self-Reflect & Keep a Clear Mind using the 'My Journal' feature in the My MedicAlert app.

For most people, the art of journaling is seen as keeping a diary, but it can be so much more than that. Journaling in its simplest form can be a way to help write down memories, experiences, or thoughts and can ultimately be used as a tool to foster personal growth and self improvement.[...]

MedicAlert Connect Protect continuing to grow across Canada

Quick access to a MedicAlert profile helps first responders provide care and bring loved ones home.
When every second counts, MedicAlert Connect Protect saves lives. This vital service gives emergency responders 24/7 direct access through their dispatcher to a MedicAlert subscriber’s electronic profile —so loved ones can be reunited quickly or precise medical attention can be provided.[...]

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