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Self-Reflect & Keep a Clear Mind using the 'My Journal' feature in the My MedicAlert app.

For most people, the art of journaling is seen as keeping a diary, but it can be so much more than that. Journaling in its simplest form can be a way to help write down memories, experiences, or thoughts and can ultimately be used as a tool to foster personal growth and self improvement.[...]

MedicAlert Connect Protect continuing to grow across Canada

Quick access to a MedicAlert profile helps first responders provide care and bring loved ones home.
When every second counts, MedicAlert Connect Protect saves lives. This vital service gives emergency responders 24/7 direct access through their dispatcher to a MedicAlert subscriber’s electronic profile —so loved ones can be reunited quickly or precise medical attention can be provided.[...]

A long-time subscriber explains why MedicAlert is with her every step of the way while she’s traveling abroad.

Most of our subscribers may not need the protection MedicAlert offers beyond the communities in which they live and work. But what if you travel within Canada, to the U.S. or overseas? [...]

MedicAlert pilot program in B.C. supports children living with mental health challenges

Last month, in partnership with the BC Children’s Hospital and FamilySmart, MedicAlert launched a pilot initiative giving children and youth living with psychiatric challenges the opportunity to enroll with MedicAlert.[...]

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