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Shane is an independent 28-year-old who wears a MedicAlert bracelet to help him communicate.

Meet 28-year-old Shane. Like other millennials his age, Shane is independent, loves going to the movies, cheering for his favourite football team and dining out. Shane also has Down syndrome and his speech is delayed, making communication difficult at times. “My main challenge is ensuring that he is properly supervised when necessary and that he knows what to do in an emergency,” says Tammy, a former RCMP member who now works as a civilian member of the Edmonton Police Service.[...]

Seconds Matter: MedicAlert Connect Protect service is now available in Winnipeg

We’re so proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Winnipeg Police Service to bring the MedicAlert Connect Protect service to the city![...]

Fact or fiction: Research reveals the truth about common medications

There may be no harm in believing some myths, such as waiting an hour after we eat before swimming. But when it comes to the medications you’re taking, myths and misconceptions can potentially be harmful. Here are five recent examples.[...]

Lorraine was in a car accident and help was sent to her within 7 minutes.

On a cold wintry night last December, Lorraine was returning home with her son from a family Christmas celebration in North Bay, Ontario when poor road conditions led to her being involved in a four-car collision. In the impact, her car spun out and she hit her head on the side window. Within seconds, an emergency hotline agent was asking whether she was hurt and was dispatching police and paramedics to her location.[...]

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