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When the Cost Could Be Your Life…You Can’t Afford Not To Choose MedicAlert.

MedicAlert is the only brand trusted and recommended by doctors and emergency responders. Accept no substitutes for your peace of mind. There is only one, MedicAlert.

Below you’ll find a long list of compelling reasons why MedicAlert isn’t just the superior choice, it’s the only choice.

See how we stack up.

Services and Benefits
MedicAlert Other ID Provider’s Drug Store ID’s
The Organization
A trusted Canadian charity of over 50 years.
Provides assistance to those with financial hardships.
24/7 Emergency Hotline
Hotline relays key information to emergency responders within an average of 5 seconds of a call.
Hotline is available in 140 languages
Paramedics and emergency responders can access your detailed, up-to-date medical profile.
Notification of family members in the event of an emergency.
Delivers training and provides accreditation for paramedics and healthcare personnel.
Free mobile app that allows you to access and update your medical profile and track your health activity.
Provides regular communication with valuable health and education information.
Medical IDs
Supplier of body-worn emergency IDs.
Custom engraved IDs with globally accepted medical terminology critically relied upon by emergency responders.
All ID information is reviewed by medically trained staff.
Offers a wide selection of comfortable, recognized brand name IDs for various lifestyles, ages, and needs.
Includes a wallet card with emergency contacts and health information.
Partners and Supporters
Partnerships with Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, Canadian Diabetes Association and other reputable Canadian charities
Supported by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, the National Nurses Association, and Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.

There is no substitute for MedicAlert.