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Service gives police quick and secure access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s information

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Last month, Calgary became the latest city to partner with MedicAlert to offer the MedicAlert Connect Protect service.
Through MedicAlert Connect Protect, emergency responders in Calgary now have direct 24-hour access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s identity, photo, address, emergency contact and other vital medical information.
“We are honoured to leverage MedicAlert’s emergency information services expertise to help Calgary officers be more efficient in recognizing and assisting people that would have wandered or could not talk for themselves as quickly as possible, to help protect more Canadians and also to better utilize police resources,” says Françoise Faverjon-Fortin, CEO of MedicAlert.
This unique service was first launched by MedicAlert in 2015 and is now available in 27 regions (through regional police services) and throughout the province of Saskatchewan.
Through the MedicAlert Connect Protect service, Emergency Communications Officers at Calgary 9-1-1 have direct access to MedicAlert’s database, allowing them to search for people by the unique identification number engraved on their ID, even if the person travels outside of Calgary. Personal and medical information, a photo of the person and even caregiver information can then be quickly relayed to responders from the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department or Emergency Medical Services. Police officers in Calgary, or anywhere else, can also call the 1-800 number engraved on a subscriber’s MedicAlert ID to access the same information.
This partnership supersedes Calgary’s Vulnerable Persons Self-Registry, which will be discontinued by February 15, 2019.
“We have seen the value in giving front line personnel quick access to critical information when a person has a condition that requires special attention,” says Deputy Chief Ryan Ayliffe, Calgary Police Service Bureau of Operations.
At MedicAlert, our goal is to introduce this critical service in every community across Canada.  If MedicAlert Connect Protect is not yet in your community, please get in touch with your local police and ask them to contact us at
If you know someone who lives in Calgary, or one of the other communities where MedicAlert Connect Protect service has been established and will benefit from the MedicAlert service, please recommend that they sign up today.
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