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Take control of your Vitals using the ‘Daily Vitals’ feature in the My MedicAlert app.

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One way to feel more in control of your condition is to track your "vitals" which are measurements of body function. Your vitals can help both you and your doctor better understand your health status and detect any current issues or potential future problems. Not only will you feel more in control of your condition once you start tracking your vitals on a daily basis, but you will also have more information to share with your doctor.
Some vitals that you can track in your app are weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. Tracking your vitals on a daily basis can give you a better look at your overall health and how far you’ve come since you started your health journey.
How to use the Daily Vitals tool:

  1. Click on ‘Daily Vitals’ tool in the menu on the home screen (Add it to your home screen via the Tool Library if you don’t have it already)
  2. Select ‘Add Vitals’ to set up which vitals you’d like to track. Don’t forget to hit ‘Finish’ to save your added vital.
  3. Start tracking your vitals every day. Remember to remain consistent and honest when tracking your vitals! Every little step forward is progress.
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