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Create your own support group using the ‘Circle of Support’ feature in the My MedicAlert App

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One way for you to stick to your health goals is to create an internal self-care community that will not only hold you accountable for your goals, but provide support when you need it the most. Cheer each other on as you experience your health journey together.


Manage the people in your Circle of Support by putting them into groups. Give your family, friends, and healthcare professionals the power to see your health results while also keeping tabs on the people that you care about the most.


How to add someone to your Circle of Support:

1.       Click on the ‘Circle of Support’ feature in your main menu located on the far left of your bottom bar. (9 Dots in a square)

2.       Select the ‘New’ button on the upper right side of the screen.

3.       Input the email of a member in your healthcare circle that you would like to add to your Circle of Support.

** New Circle of Support members MUST have an account with MedicAlert app to be added to your Circle. **

Download the MedicAlert app today! Free to MedicAlert subscribers.

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