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Living with numerous allergies, Kelly continues to trust MedicAlert with her life.

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Kelly is the definition of a creative person. The 40-year-old Torontonian is an artist, storyteller, stand-up comedian, writer, blogger and documentary producer. 

Like most artistic people, she’s instinctively drawn to the new and innovative. But when it comes to her medical ID service, Kelly puts her trust in the tried-and-true: MedicAlert.

“I have a plethora of allergy symptoms. Knowing that my MedicAlert bracelet can talk for me is fantastic.”

Kelly has had allergic reactions to nuts, peanuts, celery, eggplant, skins of fruit, watermelon and other foods, plus Advil and morphine.

“I’ve joked that all of my allergies can’t fit on my MedicAlert bracelet. It’s great to know emergency responders can access my detailed medical profile by calling the 24/7 Hotline.”

While allergies have posed health challenges throughout her life, Kelly sees positive outcomes too. “My allergies have definitively taught me to be more compassionate to others. I think I’m a better person than I would have been.”

One of Kelly’s proudest achievements is helping produce a documentary about 9/11 first responders who worked at Ground Zero. “I’m waiting to see if it’s accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival. If I get to the red carpet, I’ll be sure to wear my MedicAlert bracelet!”


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