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Len lives with multiple health conditions. When he travels, he trusts MedicAlert to help him overcome language barriers.

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A few years ago, Len had a frightening experience while vacationing in Mexico. He became very ill and spent the entire holiday in a wheelchair.  Unable to speak the language, he decided not to see a doctor. He lives with a life-threatening allergy to a common ingredient found in prescription and over-the counter pain relievers and couldn’t easily communicate that to foreign medical staff.
That decision almost cost him his life. When he returned home, he was diagnosed with endocarditis (an infection in the inner lining of the heart chambers and valves) and rushed into emergency, open-heart surgery. Not long afterwards, he subscribed to MedicAlert to ensure that his medical conditions can always be easily communicated, regardless of language barriers or who can speak for him.
“Now that I have MedicAlert protection, I feel confident that if my wife, Maxine, or my friends aren’t there to speak for me, MedicAlert will be my voice,” says Len, adding that he has seen first-hand how MedicAlert has been a voice for others. While golfing recently, a fellow golfer looked like he was going to faint. The man’s MedicAlert ID told Len that he lived with diabetes, allowing Len to get him the help he needed.
And since he subscribed to MedicAlert, Len says the information on his medical ID has prevented doctors from giving him potentially dangerous medication by mistake. “I am forever grateful that MedicAlert is able to speak up for me and be my voice in those critical moments.”
Now, he feels safe when travelling because MedicAlert IDs are engraved with globally recognized medical terminology, meaning even if he doesn’t speak the language, his MedicAlert ID will speak for him. And, MedicAlert’s 24/7 emergency hotline and family notification service also gives him and his family peace of mind.
“I trust MedicAlert one hundred per cent. I never take my MedicAlert ID off. I even bring an extra one when I’m travelling, just in case.”

Thank you, Len, for sharing your MedicAlert story with us! Are you a MedicAlert subscriber and would like to share your story? We would love to hear from you! Share your story at
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