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MedicAlert pilot program in B.C. supports children living with mental health challenges

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Last month, in partnership with the BC Children’s Hospital and FamilySmart, MedicAlert launched a pilot initiative giving children and youth living with psychiatric challenges the opportunity to enroll with MedicAlert.
Mental health challenges are not always easily recognizable to those who don’t know the signs, and this can make these individuals particularly vulnerable in an emergency situation. Now through their MedicAlert ID emergency responders can immediately access their MedicAlert profile, to obtain their vital information such as; photo, diagnosis, medications, support network and effective calming techniques making their experience better despite the nature of the situation. 
“Children and youth with mental health challenges can be particularly vulnerable in emergency situations. This exciting collaboration has been designed to help first responders and emergency medical personnel provide the best care for our children and youth in the midst of a mental health crisis. By empowering them with the right information, we can help ensure young people in B.C. receive supportive, appropriate care,” says Dr. Jana Davidson, psychiatrist-in-chief at BC Children’s Hospital.
“Access to critical information is invaluable for emergency responders and empowers them to make informed decisions, assisting people living with mental health challenges and potentially saving lives,” says Françoise Faverjon-Fortin, chief executive officer of MedicAlert Foundation Canada.
“MedicAlert has made an enormous difference in protecting people with a variety of medical conditions. Now, children and youth with mental health challenges will have the same access to this support as those with any other health condition. This medical identification service can make it easier for children and youth – and their families – to get trauma-informed and appropriate care when they are faced with a medical emergency,” says Hon. Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions.
If you know someone living with mental health challenges that can benefit by having their individual care plan immediately accessible to first responders and healthcare providers in an emergency please pass along this information and ask them to please call MedicAlert at 1-855-348-3353 and enroll today.
To learn more about this exciting pilot initiative, please visit the BC Children’s Hospital’s website.
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