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Bob lives with dementia. When he fell during a walk, his MedicAlert ID helped bring him safely home.

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When Bob was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and a brain injury from a car accident 10 years ago, he was determined not to let it slow him down. His biggest challenge was in finding the right words to express himself but he carried on doing many of the things he loved, including walking almost every day.
He never, however, left home without his blue MedicAlert ID, which lets first responders and medical staff know he’s part of MedicAlert’s Safely Home® program, developed in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
One day, in May 2018, he fell on the road and hit his head while walking alone. Paramedic Devin Reynolds was first to the scene and knew exactly what to do when he saw Bob’s MedicAlert ID. He immediately called MedicAlert to learn about Bob’s medical conditions and to get family contact information in order to bring Bob safely home.
“We are eternally grateful to him for the way he treated my husband. It meant a lot to us,” says Bob’s wife, Amy, from their London, Ontario home. She’s touched that Devin received MedicAlert’s Legend of the Call award as a result of his actions.
Since his fall, Bob, now 85 and living with dementia, has had a challenging year. Two months after, he began to wander daily, which worried Amy and their three grown children. They took him to the hospital and the gentle pastor, who once served communities in Ontario, Quebec, and central and southern Africa, was admitted for a four weeks.
While it’s taken care and time, Bob is doing much better these days. He still takes walks, but with a personal support worker or his wife by his side. And Amy takes comfort in knowing his MedicAlert ID is always there to help him. “If you have an accident or something happens to you, you need people to know your medical conditions,” she says, noting one of their daughters also wears a MedicAlert ID.
“You don’t need to convince our family of the benefits to wearing a MedicAlert ID.”

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