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At 10 years old, Nolan has been wearing a MedicAlert bracelet for almost his entire life.

Nolan lives with multiple anaphylactic allergies, asthma and autism. He had his first life threatening reaction to peanuts at just six months old and his first serious asthma attack before his first birthday. He is also allergic to gelatin, which is an additive in almost everything from medicines to lollipops[...]

MedicAlert Connect Protect service is now available in Toronto.

In September, the Toronto Police Service became the newest region in Canada to partner with MedicAlert, launching the MedicAlert Connect Protect service.
This unique service was first launched in 2015 and is now available in 14 regions across the country giving emergency responders and police 24/7 direct access to a MedicAlert subscriber's recent photo and personal information including identity, physical descriptions, attributes, wandering history, behavior management strategies such as anxiety triggers, de-escalation techniques as well as caregiver information.[...]

MedicAlert and the MS Society of Canada are proud to announce a new partnership!

MedicAlert Foundation Canada and The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada have established a partnership to help protect Canadians living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and provide peace of mind to their loved ones. MS is a complex and unpredictable condition that affects each person differently; the MedicAlert ID will tell emergency responders what they need to know so they can provide timely and customized care in an emergency. Our 24/7 Emergency Hotline ensures that emergency responders will be able to access vital personal information around the clock, and our Family Notification Service quickly notifies caregivers and family to let them know the situation and whereabouts of the subscriber.[...]

My MedicAlert Tool Library lets you monitor your health

It is extremely important to keep tabs on your health, especially in between appointments with health professionals. So when it comes to monitoring your health progress over time, the Tool Library in the My MedicAlert app has you covered.[...]

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