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My MedicAlert Tool Library lets you monitor your health

It is extremely important to keep tabs on your health, especially in between appointments with health professionals. So when it comes to monitoring your health progress over time, the Tool Library in the My MedicAlert app has you covered.[...]

Jori depends on MedicAlert to protect her husband of nearly 30 years.

According to research from Alzheimer Society of Canada, the risk of developing the cognitive disease doubles every five years once someone reaches 65. It is estimated that up to 5% of people will be impacted by the disease before that age. Earl was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at only 53 – an age in which many of us are just hitting our stride professionally, planning on spending more time with loved ones. Just four months later, he and his wife, Jori, received more worrisome health news. Earl had a heart blockage and required a dual wire pacemaker. [...]

Back to school with food allergies: Ages and stages

Back-to-school is usually an exciting time, but for children and teens with food allergies, and especially for their parents, anxiety can accompany those good feelings. To help ease some of that anxiety, we’ve compiled a helpful list of tips for you as you prepare to send your little one (or not so little one) off to begin the new school year.[...]

How to keep your brain active? Exercises for your brain might help keep it fit

How well our brain functions changes with age. As we get older, some functions start to decline – such as memory or the speed at which we process information. We may lose our car keys more often, leave pasta to boil over on the stove, or forget the name of a person we just met. These brain hiccups can leave us wondering if there are things we can do to stay sharp. It turns out that healthy aging doesn’t just mean moving your body. Exercising your brain is important, too![...]

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