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“MedicAlert® saved my life – and helped me save someone else's.”

Gary Robertson learned he had a severe allergy to penicillin when he was young. But as a self-conscious teen, he never wore his medical ID.
That changed, years later, when he was in a serious car accident. "They rushed me to the ER with broken ribs, lost teeth, and bruises all over my body. I was unconscious - I couldn't even warn them about my allergy," Gary recalls. "So they gave me penicillin. My reaction to it was so severe, I fell into a coma." [...]

Active mother with epilepsy is grateful for MedicAlert's ongoing support

MedicAlert came into Marilyn Peter's life at just the right time: three weeks before she had a very serious epileptic episode [...]

How one sports enthusiast’s MedicAlert ID helped a police officer save his life

Patrick Skidmore enjoys his summers full of recreational softball. And since being diagnosed with acute asthma, he's never once let this medical condition sideline his enjoyment of the game [...]

Helping people through emergency situations all in day’s work for paramedic

“When we’re faced with the challenge of not knowing what’s wrong, there are risks that come with that. That’s when MedicAlert makes a world of difference,” – Paramedic Devin Reynolds

For paramedic Devin Reynolds, there is no easy way for him to describe a typical day. Every day is different with no predictability from one to the next, driven entirely by the nature of the day’s emergencies. One call may take him to help a youth in mental health crisis and less than an hour later he could be helping a senior with a chronic medical condition. Sometimes they have to transport the person to the emergency department and other times minor first aid, insight and support is all that’s needed [...]

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