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Walking: An age-old strategy to boost your health

Older adults in Canada are more likely than any other age group to live a sedentary lifestyle. These days, nearly 70% of people aged 65 to 74 get around by car most of the time, while 5% use public transit. Even fewer – 3% – bike or walk as their primary mode of transportation. Despite its waning popularity among older adults, walking has many benefits.[...]

Reflect on your well-being with the Rate My Health tool

Often times we are busy dealing with our symptoms (i.e. joint pain) or our conditions (i.e. diabetes), however, do you ever take the time to reflect on how you feel about your overall quality of life?  It is important to reflect on your well-being and ensure that you are making yourself a priority.[...]

During a seizure, nine-year old Joshua relied on his ID to tell others what was wrong.

Like many nine-year-old boys, Joshua is curious and energetic, funny and cheeky. He loves to build, create and figure out how things work. But unlike most boys his age, he has a special condition called pulmonary atresia, a complex heart defect.

Fearing that emergency responders wouldn't know his medical conditions if his family wasn't able to speak for him, Joshua's parents, Laurie and Tim, signed him up for a MedicAlert service plan.[...]

MedicAlert Connect Protect expands to Prince Edward Island

We’re happy to announce that in July, MedicAlert partnered with the municipal police agencies in Prince Edward Island to bring MedicAlert Connect Protect to their respective communities. The service is now accessible to municipal police in Charlottetown, Kensington and Summerside.[...]

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