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MedicAlert offer

For Military and Civilian Personnel working for the Department of National Defence and their dependents

We are proud to provide you with a special offer on the most trusted identification service among Canada’s paramedics, police and other emergency responders. We save lives.

Don’t trust your life to any other medical identification.

MedicAlert remains the most recommended medical identification service by healthcare professionals nation-wide. Over one million people -- living with life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, asthma, allergies and heart disease -- have relied on MedicAlert protection.

Sign up today to discover all the reasons why over one million Canadians have trusted MedicAlert.

  • EXCLUSIVE The 24/7 Emergency Hotline relays your key medical information and other critical information to emergency responders in over 140 languages
  • EXCLUSIVE Your MedicAlert ID and medical information uses only globally-accepted medical terminology preferred and critically relied upon by paramedics and emergency responders
  • EXCLUSIVE Paramedics and emergency responders can access your detailed and up-to-date medical profile. This gives them much more information and insight than what is engraved on the identification you wear
  • EXCLUSIVE Notification of family members in the event of an emergency

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