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MedicAlert helps teachers and staff react rapidly and effectively

Nine-year-old Joshua has a form of epilepsy that leaves him unable to speak during a seizure. One day his teacher noticed Joshua was in tears. When she asked what was wrong, he couldn’t answer. Instead, he bravely pointed to his MedicAlert sports band and his teacher got him the help he needed right away.

Safeguarding children’s health is our #1 priority

With the rise in childhood asthma, diabetes and allergies, more and more children have a medical condition or special need that should be communicated in an emergency. Through our No Child Without program, school-age children from 4 years old to their 14th birthday can get a free MedicAlert ID and service plan. Should an emergency occur at school, first responders and health professionals will have immediate access to the child’s medical records.

The No Child Without program also helps school administrators meet government regulations in several provinces that require schools to implement proper strategies to address the needs of children who are anaphylactic.

Is your school registered?

MedicAlert’s No Child Without program is offered free of charge to students of publicly funded schools across Canada. Over 6,000 public and Catholic schools are already enrolled. Find out if your school is registered.

How to register

The No Child Without program is only being offered to public and Catholic school districts. If your school is interested but not currently registered, please note that there’s currently a waiting list to join the MedicAlert No Child Without program. You may submit your request to be added to the waiting list by completing this web form.

What happens after a new school is enrolled?

Once your school is enrolled in the No Child Without program, you will receive a copy of the Principal Note document and a newsletter template to help with your school newsletter and website. Brochures in a pack of 25 will be distributed based on requests. Each brochure has a unique bar code number and other information printed on the back which the parent uses to enroll their child online. Parents may also visit the enrollment page directly to obtain the bar code and PIN number.

To order additional No Child Without brochures for your school, click here.


MedicAlert is the only emergency medical ID service plan to provide:
24/7 Emergency Hotline with live agents 
Engraving with globally-accepted medical terminology
Emergency family notification service

Help make MedicAlert available to more students

No Child Without is a charitable program that relies on the generous support of MedicAlert subscribers, parents and other donors. If your school would like to help us raise funds to support and grow this program, please connect with us at