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Why we need your help

MedicAlert Foundation Canada welcomes your support. Your gift will be greatly appreciated and will make a deep and meaningful difference in someone’s life.

Undesignated Donations
Undesignated donations provide a flexible source of funding to support the advancement of our mission and our priorities. This allows the Foundation to direct resources as needed which can include charitable programming, new projects, or advancement of infrastructure and technology.
MedicAlert's Education programs focus on providing training support for caregivers, subscribers and first responders.

Our Connect Protect program is an example of our commitment to improving emergency outcomes for our subscribers. Through partnerships with first responders across the country, we provide direct access and training on the identification and use of the MedicAlert service in emergency situations.
The Inclusion Diversity Equity in Action (IDEA) program provides subsidized equitable access to MedicAlert for individuals with limited income or who are experiencing negative impacts from social determinants of health.
No Child Without
Offered through registered schools, the No Child Without program focuses on building self-advocacy in youth with an underlying health condition and provides children between the ages of 4 and 14 free access to MedicAlert health information services and a MedicAlert ID. Fueled originally by a grant from the Federal Government in 2007/2008, this program is now supported by donors and has expanded to more than 6,000 public and Catholic schools across Canada, and impacted greater than 50,000 children in Canada.