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Track Stress, Sleep and Stomach Health with your My MedicAlert mobile app

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Feeling in control of your health begins with managing the three S’s: Sleep , Stress , and Stomach health . Enough sleep is key to managing energy and setting yourself up to function at your best. Stress impacts more than just your mental health, it manifests as physical symptoms as well. Good nutrition and optimal digestion influence the nutrients that our body has access to for all of its functions.

Studies have shown that these three S’s are interrelated, and that when managed well, our overall health and mood is improved. A breakdown in one or all of these can result in pain, fatigue, or other chronic health conditions.

Before making changes, it’s important to know where you’re at. By using the tools in the My MedicAlert app, you can begin building your own Health Story. Journal about your sleep habits and nutrition, use the Mood and Symptom tracker so that over time you can look back and see your health patterns. The more you use My MedicAlert app, the more insights you will gain about your own health to build effective self-care habits.

Reflecting regularly on your health and building your Health Story with real data not only has the potential to improve your health, but it also makes it easier to communicate with your circle of support. Share your Health Story with your doctor at appointments to make time with them more efficient and productive, and help your friends and family understand how self-care habits around sleep, stress, and stomach/gut health can positively affect your health!

The My MedicAlert app is included with your MedicAlert service plan.


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