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Shane is an independent 28-year-old who wears a MedicAlert bracelet to help him communicate.

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Meet 28-year-old Shane. Like other millennials his age, Shane is independent, loves going to the movies, cheering for his favourite football team and dining out. Shane also has Down syndrome and his speech is delayed, making communication difficult at times. “My main challenge is ensuring that he is properly supervised when necessary and that he knows what to do in an emergency,” says Tammy, a former RCMP member who now works as a civilian member of the Edmonton Police Service.

That’s why Shane wears a MedicAlert ID bracelet.

Every weekday morning Shane catches the mobility bus that takes him to a day program, where he participates in classes, sports and recreation activities and short-term paid employment. At the end of the day, the bus brings him back to the Edmonton home he shares with his mother, Tammy.

“The bracelet offers me peace of mind in case he ever gets lost. I know it will help him get home much quicker than if there was no way to get information.”

“Shane went to Disneyland last December with his day program buddies. He had a blast and I didn’t have to worry about him getting lost.”

And while Shane has always had access to all of MedicAlert’s essential and exclusive benefits, he now has an added advantage — Edmonton is one of the communities in Canada to offer MedicAlert Connect Protect service, which gives emergency responders and healthcare providers quick and secure, 24/7 access to a subscriber’s vital information.

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