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A new way to help protect Canadians with autism

May 2018 Share with   facebook   twitter


Introducing the MedicAlert Autism Program in partnership with Autism Canada


Autism isn’t always easily recognizable to those who don’t know the signs and this can make those on the spectrum particularly vulnerable in an emergency. That’s why MedicAlert has partnered with Autism Canada to create a program designed specifically to support Canadians on the autism spectrum and provide peace of mind to their families and caregivers.

The MedicAlert Autism Program will help ensure that those living with autism wear a MedicAlert ID so emergency responders have quick access to vital medical information that reunites them with their families.

“Knowing that my son has a MedicAlert bracelet ID gives me peace of mind because sometimes he needs that voice to communicate because his head is in a different place because of autism,” says Michelle of her 10-year-old son, Nolan.

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