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My MedicAlert Tool Library lets you monitor your health

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It is extremely important to keep tabs on your health, especially in between appointments with health professionals. So when it comes to monitoring your health progress over time, the Tool Library in the My MedicAlert app has you covered.
There are a number of self-care tools within the My MedicAlert app Tool Library that will support you along your health care journey and help you effectively manage your health conditions. The good news is that each tool has been categorized to simplify your tool search experience. Whether you are looking for a tool to support heart health, diabetes, physical health, or overall symptoms, simply review the category listing or search for each tool by name.

To search for health tools, simply click on the “Tool Library” icon on the home screen of the ‘My MedicAlert app’. 

Here are detailed steps:

  1. Download the My MedicAlert app on your phone, or click here to use the online version
  2. Click on ‘Tool Library’ in the menu on the home screen
  3. To find a specific tool, review the categorized list or begin typing the name in the search box.
  4. Select your desired tool from the Search Results then click “Add”.
  5. The tool will automatically be added to your personal tool list.


Download yours today online at, or on your phone:

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