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Sandra is a champion of MedicAlert because she’s both a MedicAlert subscriber and a MedicAlert employee.

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Sandra brings a unique perspective to her position at MedicAlert. While she’s been a valued team member for nine years, she’s also a long-time subscriber who depends on the service for her own safety. “Not many people can say to family and friends, I helped save a life today,” says Sandra.

Sandra takes her own protection seriously. She has to.

Sandra lives with diabetes, asthma, and has allergies to aspirin, penicillin, and seafood, the latter of which is severe. Prior to joining MedicAlert, Sandra had been wearing a generic medical ID from a drug store for her seafood allergy. The most critical issue with non-MedicAlert IDs is the lack of 24/7 emergency hotline support and qualified staff.
“At MedicAlert, we have trained professionals to ensure that our medical IDs and medical profiles are accurate and they speak the same language as doctors and paramedics.”

“I’m passionate about MedicAlert. It comes from the heart …and from personal experience.”

Sandra is a part of an acclaimed team that helps MedicAlert earn exceptional marks for customer service. “I tell people about what MedicAlert protection means to me and my family. They know that I’m empathetic. They get it.”
Recently, Sandra spoke to a young subscriber with epilepsy. “The poor woman had a seizure in public. The police suspected that she was drunk or on drugs. They were going to take her into custody!”
Sandra helped update the woman’s medical ID and electronic medical record to reflect her condition, helping to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.  

Sandra’s own close call.

Sandra’s allergy to seafood has resulted in a number of emergencies over the years. One day, she had an allergic reaction to seafood from someone’s lunch. It was so severe that she couldn’t describe what she was experiencing, or the location of her EpiPen®.  MedicAlert accessed her medical file after retrieving her ID number from the MedicAlert bracelet she was wearing; she was given her EpiPen® injection. She was then rushed to a nearby hospital where she fully recovered. 
While Sandra has the benefit of working side-by-side with medically trained professionals, she says the prompt and caring attention she received that day is something every subscriber can rely on.
“Here, every subscriber’s life is a top priority. And every medical situation is treated with utmost urgency. It’s what makes MedicAlert …MedicAlert!”
Thank you, Sandra, for being a champion of MedicAlert – as a team member and as a subscriber!
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A close version of this story was originally published in March 2017, re-publishing this story for November Diabetes Awareness Month.

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