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Over 450 MedicAlert subscribers were reunited with their families through the unique 24/7 Emergency Hotline in 2017.

More Canadians living with autism, dementia, and other cognitive challenges are now protected.

MedicAlert Connect Protect has been a great success since its launch. With the recent addition of the West Vancouver Police Service, there are now 10 Canadian communities who have embraced this critical service. According to West Vancouver Police Chief Constable Len Goerke, “Helping first responders more quickly recognize and understand behaviour can help increase safety of interactions with people living with autism, dementia, brain injuries and other cognitive challenges.”[...]

Seeing dementia differently - a new social awareness campaign from the Alzheimer Society.

Stigma is one of biggest barriers for people with dementia to live fully with dignity and respect. That’s why during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month we’re kicking off a social awareness campaign – I live with dementia. Let me help you understand – to encourage Canadians to see dementia differently. And who better to help us understand dementia than people living with this disease. For example, Mary Beth.[...]

MedicAlert spoke loud and clear to save a new mom and her unborn child.

Tara knows all too well the value of a MedicAlert bracelet and service plan. The 36-year-old mom and former paramedic has worn one ever since undergoing gastric bypass surgery a few years ago. The surgery helped her lose weight but it also came with the risk of developing severe complications at any time.[...]

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