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To all of our valued subscribers, generous donors and appreciated partners, We wish you a holiday season engraved with joy and filled with around the clock peace of mind.[...]

You're well protected this holiday season

Only MedicAlert custom engraves medical IDs with globally accepted medical terminology.

Ten Tips for Talking to Children This Holiday Season

It’s holiday season! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Bodhi, or Kwanzaa, there is a lot to celebrate in December! For many people, that means getting together with extended family and friends. It’s exciting to see how much children have grown and changed, and catch up on their latest adventures. For children who have trouble talking, though, it may be overwhelming to have to talk with so many people during holiday gatherings.[...]

What works best for relieving back pain?

If you suffer from a bad back, you’re not suffering alone: low back pain is the leading cause of discomfort and disability in the world and the prevalence peaks in older age. However, there are ways to get relief. Here are some treatments and strategies that show promise for reducing pain and disability caused by low back pain.[...]

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