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With an active lifestyle, Carol counts on MedicAlert protection.

Carol is the embodiment of health and fitness. The fact that she is 68 speaks to a phenomenal drive to achieve her very best.  While Carol has no life-threatening conditions, she has endured two complex surgeries in the past three years. Her MedicAlert bracelet has been a source of reassurance ever since.[...]

Did You Know

MedicAlert Saves Lives Coast to Coast

Track Stress, Sleep and Stomach Health with your My MedicAlert mobile app

Feeling in control of your health begins with managing the three S’s: Sleep, Stress, and Stomach health. Enough sleep is key to managing energy and setting yourself up to function at your best. Stress impacts more than just your mental health, it manifests as physical symptoms as well. Good nutrition and optimal digestion influence the nutrients that our body has access to for all of its functions.[...]

A new book series helps educate and empower kids, parents and caregivers about anaphylaxis.

Allergy Books For Kids is a new educational book series that strives to boost allergy and anaphylaxis awareness among kids, parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers. Created by Canadian writer Michelle Nel and American illustrator Jennifer Terry, the books are inspired and informed by their personal experiences.[...]

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